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Customer can place order on website by pressing the 'Submit Order' or equivalent button, the customer's web browser encrypts the information to be sent between the browser and the merchant's webserver. The payment gateway may allow transaction data to be sent directly from the customer's browser to the gateway, bypassing the merchant's systems.


Bliss Dreamz provides the following payment options - 


Credit / Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard & Maestro) - Customers can pay through either a credit or a debit card. In either ways, customer needs to keep their credit / debit card information handy while placing an order through the website.


Paypal - Customers can pay through their paypal account as well, Our paypal account is     


We understand the importance of a strong fraud detection and resolution capability. We and our online payments partners monitor transactions continuously for suspicious activity and flag potentially fraudulent transactions for manual verification by our team. In the rarest of rare cases, when our team is unable to rule out the possibility of fraud, the transaction is kept on hold, and the customer is requested to provide identity documents. The ID documents help us ensure that the purchases were indeed made by a genuine card holder. We apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused to customers and request them to bear with us in the interest of ensuring a safe and secure environment for online transactions.